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At Van der Steen we work with various packaging so that a suitable solution for your wishes can always be offered. We work with jerry cans, bagin boxes, IBC containers, flexitanks, tank containers and tank trucks.

We can also install a storage tank at the customer. We can then read the level from a distance so that the tank is always filled and the customer is unburdened. Let us inform you about the possibilities.

  • tankcar (up to 40.000 liter)
  • IBC containers (600 and 1.000 liter)
  • flexitanks (1.000 and 25.000 liter)
  • baginbox (1000 liter)
  • jerrycans (5, 10, 20 and 25 liter)


Van der Steen is equipped with its own fleet: international trucks, tank trucks, distribution trucks and vans. This enables us to always accurately deliver our products in accordance with the wishes of our customers. This guarantees a fast and reliable delivery. The empty packaging is always taken back so that you do not have to worry about this.

Due to our own fleet with our own import and delivery to our customers throughout Europe, we are able to control the entire chain, which guarantees the quality of our products. Urgent deliveries are no problem for us, at all times we want to prevent production from having to be stopped.